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Finite Carbon to Serve as Carbon Offset Project Developer for Keweenaw Land Association

Finite Carbon is Serve as Carbon Offset Project Developer of Keweenaw Land Association

WAYNE, PA., October 22, 2020 – Finite Carbon, North America’s leading developer and supplier of forest carbon offsets, announced today it will serve as developer of a carbon offset project from Keweenaw Land Association, Limited (OTC: KEWL).

The voluntary forest carbon project is located on 12,658 acres of Keweenaw’s Great Northern tract in Iron County, Wisconsin. In September 2019, Keweenaw sold a conservation easement to the State of Wisconsin on this same tract of land.

“The voluntary carbon offset market is a critical tool for sustainable forest management. As North America’s leading developer and supplier of forest carbon offsets, Finite Carbon is proud to serve as Keweenaw’s project developer to help them unlock a new source of revenue and advance the sustainable management of the Great Northern tract.”

Sean Carney, President of Finite Carbon

“We are pleased to have executed on this carbon project and believe it is a great fit with our existing sustainable forestry practices to enhance the value of our managed properties.”

Mark Sherman, President of Keweenaw.

Keweenaw’s project is being developed under the American Carbon Registry’s improved forest management methodology for the voluntary carbon offset market. Under this methodology, a landowner commits to sustainably manage their land to sequester carbon above and beyond what would have occurred under prior management practices.

“With this agreement, Keweenaw adds a sustainable carbon sequestration revenue stream to its existing sustainable harvesting program. It is a win for our company and a win for nature in Wisconsin.”

Jamie Mai, Chairman of Keweenaw.

About Finite Carbon:

Finite Carbon is North America’s leading developer of forest carbon offsets. With offices in seven states, it combines unparalleled project development experience with extensive carbon market knowledge. Finite Carbon has generated over one-third of all California compliance offset supply and delivered more than $500 million to landowners. Its project portfolio includes more than three million acres of working forestland representing every region and major forest type from the Appalachians to coastal Alaska. Learn more at finitecarbon.com.

About Keweenaw Land Association, Limited:

Keweenaw is a forest products and land management company located in Ironwood, Michigan. Keweenaw has land holdings exceeding 180,000 surface acres and 400,000 acres of mineral rights, located predominantly in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin. Additional information is available on the Company’s website at www.keweenaw.com.