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Finite Carbon Announces Fall 2020 Forest Carbon Lecture Series


Finite Carbon has long been committed to advancing private and public forest landowner understanding of carbon project development and offset market dynamics. Building on this tradition, Finite is pleased to announce a series of webinar-based presentations to the forestry and land conservation communities this fall. Topics will highlight exciting new innovations now being implemented to assist forest landowners of more modest acreages connect to the carbon market and realize additional value from their sustainably managed forests.

The series includes the following venues and presentations:

Association of Consulting Foresters | September 16
Opportunities for Consulting Foresters in the Voluntary Offset Market
As part of ACF’s TreeLearn Series, Matt Smith, ACF CF and Dylan Jenkins, ACF CF will review how the spate of recent Fortune 500 company commitments to GHG reductions, the COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic downturn, and significant advances in remote sensing technology for increasing inventory and verification efficiency have converged to make for interesting times in the forest offset industry. Consulting foresters will learn about their critical role in carbon offset project development and ongoing project maintenance with an emphasis on breaking down barriers for smaller landowner enrollment in the voluntary offset market.

Land Trust Alliance Rally 2020 | October 6
Voluntary Forest Carbon Offset Markets: Opportunities for Local and Regional Land Trusts
The majority of America’s land trusts are prevented from participating in carbon offset markets due to access barriers and knowledge gaps. To overcome these challenges, the Land Trust Alliance and Finite Carbon are collaborating to assist land trusts in climate change planning and carbon offset project development. Participants will learn about new tools under development to facilitate land trusts in accessing carbon offset markets, including agreements that facilitate pooled projects for accredited land trusts.

Longleaf Alliance | October 21
Connecting Longleaf Landowners to Carbon Offset Revenue
Since the launch of California’s cap-and-trade program in 2013, many forest landowners around the country have engaged in forest offset projects and generated significant revenue from their sustainably managed forests. However, high project development costs have effectively blocked most longleaf pine landowners from participating in the compliance offset market. Now, landowners of longleaf pine forests and their service providers are seeing a growing demand for carbon offsets in the voluntary (non-compliance) carbon market. Learn how Finite Carbon and partners are helping longleaf pine landowners meet this demand and tap into an important alternative revenue stream.

Society of American Foresters National Convention | October 30
Voluntary Forest Carbon Offset Markets: Overcoming Barriers to Entry for Smaller Landowners
Participants will learn about two solutions now being launched to enable landowners of smaller forest holdings nationwide to access carbon offset revenue, (1) new technologies that significantly reduce project inventory and verification costs and (2) legal frameworks that assist aligned landowners to create pooled multi-owner projects. The session will also cover forest offset project development mechanics, roles and responsibilities of project partners, deal structures, project costs and revenues, and offset market volume and price forecasts.

Regional Conservation Partnership Gathering | November TBD
Helping Forest Landowners Make Ends Meet with Voluntary Forest Carbon
In a rapidly de-carbonizing economy, New England forest landowners are seeing a growing demand for locally-generated forest carbon offsets that allow continued stewardship of the land while also contributing natural climate solutions. Finite Carbon will offer an introduction to the current state of the carbon offset market, as well as a roadmap for New England landowners to assess their ownership for carbon offset feasibility and initiate projects to generate sustainable additional revenue.

“We are excited to partner with America’s leading forestry and conservation organizations this fall to share how Finite is connecting private and public landowners of all sizes to carbon finance and conserving our nation’s working forests.”

Sean Carney, President, Finite Carbon