Public Agencies

Public lands are eligible to receive carbon revenue for reforestation, improved forest management, and avoided conversion practices. Carbon revenue can offer public resource agencies a significant new revenue stream to supplement timber income and to offset the costs of forest management, stewardship, and land acquisition.

How it works

Finite Carbon determines if a property qualifies to receive carbon offsets, the number of offsets that can be expected to be received each year, and the current market value of the offset stream. If a project is deemed to be financially feasible, Finite Carbon covers all the costs to have a project developed and approved and, in conjunction with the public agency, determines when and how to sell offsets.

What Finite Carbon Does for You

For single or several tracts, public agencies can receive a free feasibility study with no cost or obligation. In order to qualify for a free feasibility study, a property must be at least 4,000 forested acres, be located in the continental United States, and the agency must be willing to share their management plan and inventory data (if available). The Finite Carbon forestry team will convert the existing inventory data into a carbon estimate and provide the landowner with a written proposal. We can also conduct system-wide feasibility assessments on a consulting basis. Call us today to discuss the specifics of your project.

Finite Carbon is responsible for each step in the process that leads to carbon revenues. Using our in-house industry experts, we perform the following steps:

  • Conduct a feasibility study of the forest
  • Complete a carbon inventory of the forest
  • Select appropriate registry/protocol (e.g., ARB, CAR, ACR, or VCS)
  • Translate inventory into carbon model and management plan
  • Prepare and submit project plan to chosen carbon registry
  • Hire third-party project verifier once plan is accepted and registered
  • Submit project verification to registry and receive allocation of carbon offsets
  • Market & sell carbon offsets in our proprietary network or engage top brokers to broaden sales process

Get Started

For more information, please contact Dylan Jenkins at

Finite Carbon Corporation
435 Devon Park Drive
700 Building
Wayne, PA 19087
1-877-9CARBON (1-877-922-7266)

+ 8 professional foresters
+ Issued nation’s first California     ARB forest carbon offsets
+ Developed the first land trust,     TIMO, and REIT improved forest     management projects for CA ARB     emissions trading program
+ Developing 32 ARB IFM projects     on 2.5 million acres of US forests
+ Active member of the Society of     American Foresters, Association of     Consulting Foresters, Land Trust     Alliance, Forest Guild, and Forest     Landowners Association
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“Once again I would like to thank Finite Carbon for its approach to our members on these markets."
- Scott Jones
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